Saturday, 28 November 2009

Who said there's no Adam and Joe news this week?

In a week where both the Black Squadron photos AND the podcast were made available in record time we had a few other nibblets of news, gently gathered here.

Since today may well be the last regular Black Squadron command, I shall be standing by with readied toast, eggs, water-based markers, bread, fruit, bacon, pans, lavvy paper, biscuits and my bin because if ever there was a time to combine all our training, it must surely be today.

A terrible thought from the Castle's DG but all manner of other exciting things could happen to Adam and Joe between now and 2012.
Mark Thompson implies that channels such as 6Music could be in firing line, along with BBC3 and BBC4.

Adam had a romantic break in Amsterdam with his wife. One would hope that all expenses were paid for by this gig at Eurobest. There should be some opening night photos sometime on the site.

The BUG website is looking much smarter these days and gives dates for the next BUGs in London and Norwich.

Edgar Wright attended the Royal Film Performance of The Lovely Bones, directed by Peter Jackson on Tuesday and I'd like to assume that Joe was there too. Do I get extra points for seeing it a full 24 hours before them?

A sweet bit of Stephenage here.

This is the sort of stuff I find a little pointless and mute but here you go. Nice limbs and falanges, Joe.

Joe's appearance on Headjam is repeated again on Dave next week.

The 6 Music Blog updated with some of the best Sit In Bin pictures.

It would seem Adam's ballad to Katie Price was prescient, this week.

Andrew Collins got some Boggins style responses to his blog of a YouTube clip.

This helpful Tweeter is uploading Adam and Joe playlists.

If you have any 3d glasses, be sure to check this out on YouTube.

The Mighty Boosh covered the duties at Stella McCartney's Christmas bash.

In 'friend of the show' news, Garth Jennings has a Vampire Weekend promo on YouTube and Ben 'Sontum of Quolace' Mercer played a gig on Friday, attended by several Black Squadron/TweetSquadron members.

Attack the Block casting deadline 18th November.

Paul O'Connor's made-up joke was sadly omitted from the podcast last month so I have immortalised it here.

As usual, many people favourited and tweeted various classic Adam and Joe moments from YouTube.

Always worth reminding everyone that the full original Adam and Joe Channel 4 shows can be found on 4OD but the YouTube snips are greatly enhanced by the comments.

Finally, with no real connection at all beyond Big Talk and a quote from Joe on Robert Popper's Timewaster book, I recommend the sweet pain induced by Robin Cooper this week.

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