Monday, 2 November 2009

6Music Show starting a bit later from December

Today, there has been lots of cruel chatter from the Twitterati about poor (but ultimately unendurable) George Lamb shunting, to what is essentially one up from the graveyard shift on a Saturday morning. This will effect our favourite show.

The BBC Press Office has made it's official statement. This is how the Saturday Schedule will look from 5th December.
BBC 6 Music's new Saturday schedule

7.00-10.00am George Lamb
10.00am-1.00pm Adam & Joe
1.00-3.00pm Liz Kershaw
3.00-5.00pm Richard Bacon
5.00-7.00pm Jon Holmes
7.00-10.00pm Craig Charles' Funk & Soul Show
10.00pm-Midnight 6 Mix

The next flood of chatter will be about Black Squadron, no doubt.

I'd like to think that this rescheduling is pursuant to Adam and Joe's renewed contract and quite possibly a request from them to make the show an hour later. I hope they can wield that level of power at 6 since their show is always at the top of 6Music's iPlayer chart*.

It really doesn't make much sense to have an elite squadron sashaying up to the DAB at 10 am for a leisurely coffee with Marmite soldiers and still have them thinking they're in any way 'special'. I'm sure some other catchy hook will organically find it's way out of their locker and into our routine before long.

In other news, Joe has finally given his MySpace the Guy Garvey. Sad for that handful of people who used to waffle over there and a real shame to loose some of the pictures with their silly comments.

On Saturday, we learned that Andrew Collins and Richard Herring will be standing in for next week's show. I suspect Andrew couldn't face another berating rant from Richard at his lack of inclusion. I rather enjoy getting annoyed with them. They have a strange dynamic together. It works beautifully.

*The iPlayer got lost in the Castle dungeons for about 36 hours over the weekend and the ensuing podcast shoots off into hyperspace at around 42 minutes. Guard your ears from the super sonic audio insult if you get that far. It's around when Adam starts to talk about Bob Dylan's moving tribute to Christ's glorious birth.
Edited to add that the Castle put a bit of spit and polish on the podcast and plopped a perfect version into our boxes on Tuesday morning so throw out your old and bring in the new.

The weekday 6Music schedule is looking very, very comfortable now. I love those girlies all over the middle of the day, nicely topped & tailed (is that in any way rude?) with the the enjoyable stalwarts of digital radio.

Finally, I just heard Joe's little voice doing a Terry's Chocolate Orange ad, Countdown stylie. I've got a bit of a problem with the mix as his voice comes up but I'll live with it :smiley emoticon:

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