Thursday, 22 October 2009

Electric Proms - BBC Website has pictures!

As the life of this blog rests in the balance due to slowly seeping embarrassment, I couldn't let the day pass without making some kind of post. I wasn't sure what to waffle on about but then the very efficient Electric Proms platoon of the Castle's cyberstaff put some snaps up at lightening speed.

So fill your boots with this little bunch.

I might come back with something silly to say about lunchtime with Adam and Joe but right now, all you need to know is that Ben was amazing, despite his sore throat and sick joke.
Adam and Joe
This was when Joe serenaded Ben Mercer. Just noticed the BBC are encouraging hotlinks.

Apparently, we'll have some video evidence sometime tomorrow (4pm has been mentioned elsewhere), according to Jane. I'm fairly confident I was hiding in plain sight.

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