Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The Thames, The South Bank

I had a little date at the BFI so we took the bus to Charing Cross & walked over the Hungerford Bridge to enjoy one of the grand views of the Thames.
Behind Adam and Joe, you can see Waterloo Bridge. Beyond that is St Paul's Catherderal and Norman Foster's Swiss Re building which are both on the north side of the Thames, though it winds so much, you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise.

The South Bank Centre (the clue is in the name) is on the right and the blue pier you can see serves the British Airways London Eye where all the tourists like to spin around very slowly. This is one of my favourite, watery nooks of London as it is home the National Theatre, the BFI, Royal Festival & Queen Elizabeth Halls and the Hayward Gallery. Furthermore, it's accessed via such a gorgeous, bracing walk across the river. I think little Adam and Joe were pleased to get out of the breeze and back into my cosy bag after the photos, though.

Check out the video at the BFI link (while it's still there) where Duncan Jones talks about his beautiful film, Moon and don't forget that Labyrinth is due out on BlueRay in the UK next month.
....oh - and here is the UK link for Moon. and you might like to read Duncan's note here. I'm in no way connected to Duncan but I saw his film on Sunday & it's a poem of a piece. It's performance during the first week in the UK may determine how many European markets pick it up so get out there and thrill yourselves. This is a film maker we need to support. (I'll do the same for Joe when the time comes, of course - unless 'Attack' is a turkey..........it won't be, I have absolute faith.) I suppose I should have taken a picture of little Adam and Joe at the cinema but I go several times a week so it would become a little dull, for readers and companions alike.

I've been very rude. I should have mentioned that the spotty trees are part of an installation by Yayoi Kusama as part of the current show in the Hayward Gallery.

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