Thursday, 9 July 2009

The Scum Also Rises, recording at Teddington Studios

This evening we went to the recording for the final episode of The Scum Also Rises starring Adam Buxton.
It seemed a bit surreal to take my little Adam & Joe along to a place where I knew the real, beating heart of Dr Buckles would be pumping away but it had to be done. We arrived in good time & took a walk over the bridge to calm our nerves. You can see Teddington Lock in the background and the rear of the studios to the right.

I must say that the audience wrangling here was far superior to the cattle market you get at The London Studios on the South Bank.

The tension is mounting.

Just time for a swift half in The Angler before taking our position in the audience. No cameras allowed, of course.
Real Life Adam was able to deploy his cod Australian dialect to great effect and we'll frankly, never hear the end of that from Joe who seems to think he owns that accent.
Iain Lee appears to be a similar height to Joe and I can see that causing problems if a second series is commissioned. Let it go, Joe. Let it go.

Adam was lucky enough to be able to swig on a bottle of beer in character for the last scene. Several of the cast had wobbly moments with their lines and Adam was no exception but they handled it well and it added to the comedy. I had to keep tiny Adam & Joe safely in my bag until it was time to walk back to the car.

The Scum Also Rises - coming to a little screen near you sometime later this year.

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