Saturday, 25 September 2010

The post that should have come before I done the BUG21 one

Adam gave us a wonderful blog update on Thursday so I postponed mine for a couple of days in the hopes that I wouldn't seem quite so lame.

As well as the insightful film review and a link to his favourite tweeter, he included part one of a fascinating series of natural history videos he has made for the BBC Comedy website.

I presume this will be the link to watch for subsequent episodes.

The young man to whom Adam refers at the end of his post was kind enough to share said photo with us.

If you read my last post about BUG21 you'll know that Adam takes a special version around the country when he can.

His Norwich show is now well established and for the last couple of years he has done the Greenwich Comedy Festival. This year the weather was super fine and TwitSquadron were out in force. Several members took snaps......Kendersrule, WickWox, Pintendo64, WickWox, Pintendo64 and.....well, you get the idea.

Emma McAlpine posted a piece at Spoofed about the Greenwich show, as did Kendersrule.

This has to be the classiest fansnap out there (from WickWox).

In between Greenwich and BUG21, Adam did a superb gig at the lovely Tabernacle.

The only breakfast show worth listening to had the priviledge of an exclusive phone call from Adam before all these shows kicked off. Furthermore, James Kettle from the ever-loyal Guardian gave the show a mention. There's a lovely BUG shaped interview with Adam at OutlineOnline wherein he claims that this is his favourite music video of all time and you can see how it was made here.

One of these days, all of Twitsquadron will turn up wearing one of these and judging by this shot taken at last night's BUG21 Director's Cut, they'll look fine.
OK Go also guested last night and WickWox snapped them all.

The next BUGs at the BFI will be at 20:45 on 18th and 25th of November. Tickets go on sale on the first Tuesday of next month for members and a week later for general sales. Those links might be blank if you check today. You'll just have to trust me. If you prefer to have your information fed to you tardily, then please subscribe to the BUG Video mailing list. It's useful if you're into last minute decisions, as I am.

The Oxfam/M&S ad that Adam voiced was singled out for praise this week.

It's not my fault that this all seems to be about Adam. Frankly, I'm tempted to make up all manner of nonsense about Joe, just to maintain a balance/keep him on his toes.

Happily, we DO know that he is still alive since this lucky tweeter spotted him buying two copies of Halo Reach and Lee also made me giggle by suggesting that this might be an Attack The Block viral.

Here's a little piecethat is bound to have brought a smile to Joe's face.

If I were in any way talented, I'd do something as wonderful as this Daily Reckless stuff EP sound thing but all I manage is a bit of cutting and pasting.

ITV have confirmed that they will televise the BT Digital Music Awards starting on Saturday 2nd October over at ITV2. The actual awards take place on Thursday, 30th September so we'll have advance warning of whether it will be fruitful watching. Voting has closed so the fate of Adam Buxton's Big Mixtape, The Adam And Joe Podast and 6Music is being tabulated right now.
Catch highlights of the event on ITV2 on the following dates:

2nd October 2010 @ 22:45
3rd October 2010 @ 10:20
4th October 2010 @ 20:00

Remember that fateful Chill Cake made by Tom Williamson and sent to 6Music around this time last year? If not, you can find out more here. Tom has also put together a little accidental swearing film on that page.

Stephen Fry popped in to see Shaun W Keaveny and couldn't help but comment on the Boggins posters adorning the wall of the studio. You can catch the moment here.

I saw Brian Blessed chitty chatting a couple of weeks ago. His passion is infectious and his voice is legendary. I don't often share much of my real life here. Make the most of it.

If you have the time and money, there is no better way to spend half of October than at the London Film Festival. The programme can seem a little overwhelming to the novice so I am happy to point you in the direction of no less than three bloggers whose opinion I often respect, always tolerate and sometimes laugh over. They have trawled through the pamphlet to make their own shortlists:-

Your Turn Heather was first out of the blocks with her five besties and The Incredible Suit dropped by with his top ten. UltraCulture found it a little harder to distill his choices down to the essential, affordable list so he brought us 30 to consider, the adorable, press accredited ponce.

Still wondering how to waste some time? Have a fiddle with this.

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