Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Midweek news catch-up

BBC In Vision vacancies gave Joe's Song Wars clip as an example of the shows new recruits might work on. Sadly, they mean Antiques Roadshow, no the Adam and Joe Show.

Adam's departure from Twitter was mentioned in this Times article and Adam answered a few questions in The Metro today.

6 Music's very own Lauren Lavern asked listeners to send snowy photos and this one came in as a charming tribute to Adam and Joe. There's Adam's beard and Joe is even sporting his new, slightly strange, short-around-the-ears hair cut. I'm also enjoying the Commander's torpedo, cleverly disguised as a broomstick. Lucy has put it on the Adam and Joe blog too.

I forgot to link this in my end of year post but it's worth a mention that Miranda Sawyer had some nice things to say about our favourite doctors and finally, a doctor of a completely different kind is clearly missing the show and he felt moved to shout "Text The Nation" on prime time telly.

Edited: I've taken down the YouTube version of Alone in the Shed because it seems it will be trickle fed via the Comedy Blog(please read Adam's waffle) & I have too much respect for the guy to queer his patch. However, since this is a Flash file, you won't be able to see it on your iPhone.

I started with the idea of posting a soundbyte-a-day on my Posterous area but I'm thinking that might be a bit lame. I'm just keen to keep things alive while they're away but Buckules seems to have that taken care of, love 'im.

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