Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas, Blogwatchers!

It would be close to insanity for me to whittle away at a finely tuned blogpost on this most intensely celebratory of days however, the following nugget will be rather more redundant tomorrow so don't miss today's gift from Cilla, Santa and Count Buckules. ETA: I see the lovely man has put it on his blog just now. The sweetest bloke on the net.

Adam had put a great deal of work into making another Christmas message that he then removed at the behest of the party-poopers in the 4Music playpen. It's a crying shame as it was a even more genius (and much longer) than this piece.

My home has minimal festive decoration but I took care of all the important areas, one of which is suitable for the internet.

I'll throw some more nonsense together over the next few days as I have somehow managed to find other exciting things to fill my time and neglected this silly corner, shamefully.

Finally, just a gentle reminder that there are lots of old podcasts here.

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